Transforming Trauma Into Personal Power Evaluation Copy

The Foundation of growth, change, choice and love Copy

The Foundation of growth, change, choice and love: 

The Initiation of Selfhood, individuation is meant to lay this Foundation of Growth (not the Cycle of Shame).  It is never too late to instill this beautiful foundation of growth, change, choice and love.

  1. I am Human and I can make mistakes.   I can learn and grow.
  2. I am still lovable and forgivable.    I can still love and forgive.
  3. I can always heal, grow, and change.
  4. Sometimes I am not ready to deal with something and that’s OK.
  5. I have IMPACT and I can direct my impact in positive manner.
  6. I have needs and wants and sometimes they will be met and sometimes they will not be met and that is O.K., too.
  7. I have character.  I continue to develop my character as I become more aware that I am part of The Divine and All That Is.

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