About Us

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D.,
is Founder of Resources Unlimited ATX and Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation.  Virginia has a BA in Journalism & Political Science; MA in Counseling/Guidance & Physical Education and a Ph.D. in Human Development.   She has 30 years of presenting/teaching Empowerment Seminars, Transformation Leadership Trainings, Team Building Coaching and Transformation Consulting. Virginia assists organizations and companies to clarify goals, achieve win-win solutions, success and excellence as they move to Partnership Model of personal power, mutual respect, mutual support, co-creation and higher purpose.
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Cheryl Rae, BLS, MA
Cheryl is Resources Unlimited Partners’ tech wizard. Her experience is mainly in web applications and online courses. She works as a fine artist in her spare time and as a guest artist in art therapy settings. She has solid success directing and implementing broad range of revenue-generating design projects, from conception through launch. Cheryl can readily translate business and client requirements into effective campaigns. Has a strong organizational focus and can build crossfunctionally and consensus to ensure projects meet all milestones, deadlines, and budget requirements. Intuitively adapts to new technology and innovative processes while ensuring compliance with corporate standards.
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Bill Oliver, Musician
Bill is a singer, songwriter and band leader who has brought fun, comfort and entertainmnet to thousands of people of all ages 4 to 104.   To the youth he is known as MrHabitat for his many songs that he plays at schools, parks and festivals.  To the seniors he is known as MrMemories for his wide range of ageless popular and classic songs he plays at senior facilities and home concerts.   Bill was a participating musician for “Swan Songs”, a non-profit organization that provides musicians to sing special request songs to end of life persons.  Bill adds his “music magic” to live workshops, trainings and CEU courses presented by the Resources Unlimited Partners.   Recently he has teamed up with Betty X Davis, 104 years young, for the “Betty’s Green Books and MrHabitat’s Green Songs” presentations in area schools.  The tour, sponsored by Sodalis Senior Living Facilities and Resources Unlimited Foundation, provides wonderful books that teach kids about the environment and the eco-teaching entertainment songs by Bill Oliver.


Gemma George, Ph.D.,
is currently engaged as a free lance consultant and principle with GGeorge Consulting. She also a partner at Resources Unlimited Partners an organization founded on the values of integrity in leadership and dedicated to helping ethical leaders enhance and transform the culture of their small and mid-sized organizations, through coaching, leadership development, teambuilding and conflict management.
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