Transforming Trauma Into Personal Power Evaluation Copy

Individuation Copy


In truth, the Initiation of Selfhood offers each of us the first step in individuation.  It is the beginning of a lifetime process of self-actualization.  You discover methods and the modus operendi to get your needs met.   You test the limits of your physical reality in an unlimited quest to discover and experience the world….AND to continue to give, to receive love.

The frightening part of realizing that you are separate from your mother is an unconscious fear of being alone.  At this time you start feeling shame from the separation.  In the Divine orchestration of human development, this feeling of separation is necessary in order to begin the process of individualization. 

However, so many of us sink into the feeling of shame, in varying degrees in the continuum, and thus, the cycle of shame begins. And the truer qualities of  growth and choice have to vie for our energy and attention.  Throughout our lives we make mistakes – we feel “ashamed” – it is part of our humanness.   It is  our path of evolution; it is part of our universal connection to each other.  It is part of our compassion.