MV Green Power

MV Green Power Vision:
MV Green Power is dedicated to presenting environmental, conservational education programs for facilitators, schools, special groups, under-served communities, non-profit organizations and senior facilities staff. These classes and events offer transformational information, practical tools and creative activities that promote healthy spaces, green energy, better emotional health, environmental action and more fulfillment in daily life.

MV Green is one of the sponsors for the Annual Mother Earth Day Festival and Barton Springs University 101. In the Spring 2020, MV Green had scheduled to a new program, “Betty’s Green Books and MrHabitat” to be implemented in Austin area schools. This program is on hold.

Betty’s Green Books and MrHabitat
Bill Oliver, known as MrHabitat for his many environmental education performances at schools, parks and festivals. He has teamed up with Betty X Davis, who is 104 years young, for the “Betty’s Green Books and MrHabitat’s Green Songs” presentations in Austin area schools. The tour, sponsored Resources Unlimited Foundation, Half-Price Books and Sodalis Senior Living provides wonderful books that teach kids about the environment and the eco-teaching entertainment songs by Bill Oliver.

MrHabitat & DrV – Barton Springs 101
Bill Oliver and Virginia Palmer have teamed up to present Barton Springs 101, sponsored by Save Our Springs Alliance, to area high school students. We are in the process of transforming in-person presentations to video and Zoom activities.

MrHabitat sings at the Springs with DrV
Environmental music and education presented twice a week at Barton Springs Pool in Austin. This program is sponsored by Save Our Springs. This program is on hold.

MV Green – Transforming Stress to Success, Crisis Into Opportunity
We offer Continuing Education courses, interactive seminars, webinars for staff and clients of Health Care, Educational, Recreational organizations and Senior Communities. We custom design each course according to needs assessments, evaluation tools and success benchmarks for your company’s leadership team. Our presentations are on-line, via Zoom and in-person when the time is right!

MV Green Healthy Spaces consults with non-profit groups, schools, and senior facilities to offer science-based solutions on how to create wellness producing, nurturing, healthy spaces in the home, office and facilities. We analyze your space, make a plan and implement your healthy space.

MV Green Solar consults home-owners, schools, senior facilities and other businesses to lower their current energy prices by investing in solar power:

• Locking in long term renewable energy prices
• Shifting electricity usage from high cost to low cost periods of the day
• Achieving environmental and climate protection goals
• Assess renewable energy opportunities for your facility
• Expedite upgrading your buildings to the highest energy efficiency

Virginia Palmer has a long history of establishing partnerships with other organizations both local and national. Here is a partial list: Save Our Springs Alliance ~ Town Lake YMCA ~ Save Barton Creek Association- PACE, Public Assessed Clean Energy – Green LA – Los Angeles County Park Department ~ Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy ~ Malibu Coastal Land Conservancy – Somerset Consulting ~ Sierra Club – Boys & Girls Club – American YouthWorks – Barton Springs University – Mother Earth Day

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