Virginia Palmer, PhD
Cheryl Rae, MA

Resources Unlimited Partners conduct Transformation Leadership Trainings, Continuing Education courses, interactive seminars. workshops, webinars for staff and clients of Health Care, Educational, Recreational organizations and other various industries.   We custom design each course according to needs assessments, evaluation tools and success benchmarks for your company’s leadership team.  Our presentations are on-line, via Zoom and in-person when the time is right!

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Resources Unlimited Partners was created out of our desire to assist companies as they expand and transform their corporate culture  to reflect the values of excellence, collaboration and service.  We know that a defined, shared vision of company and employees enhances the workplace through the perpetuation of these shared values to positively impact the clientele.

The Partners have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals of culture transformation for your facility. We can custom design a series of trainings that would include transformational leadership, team-building, organizational commitment/retention and other areas you consider necessary in achieving current goals.

The Partnership Model:  Personal Power, Mutual Respect, Mutual Support, Co-Creation and Higher Purpose is the foundation of all workshops, trainings and CEU courses provided by Resources Unlimited Partners.  We add the Power of Creativity with art and music to many of our presentations.

Resource Unlimited Partners is a subsidiary of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation, 501c(3).  The RUP fosters transformational leadership, partnership models, environmental responsibility and community service.

You can donate to our 501 3c Charitable Programs.

Virginia’s site is ResourcesUnlimitedATX.com.