We asked in our evaluation of the courses: Who are you and would you recommend our courses?

Yes!! Everyone needs to have this very basic framework instilled into their conscious and subconscious minds. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Just keep teaching these principles and build in fun ways to practice using these skills. I am retired from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. I was Health Education Coordinator – and in that position served as Director of Public Health Education for several years. I also lead the health education division of specially funded programs.

I would highly recommend this course. Virginia has a unique way of breaking down a subject so it is easily understood, thought provoking and plenty of exercises that can reach any type thinker. She has a soothing way of communicating the material so it Is fun and though provoking. There is not a field where this would not be applicable. It is for trainers, managers, nurses, doctors, care takers ….. any position or profession. I have been a trainer in Broadcast Sales for 28 years. I am now an adjunct professor at the College of Communications at the University of Texas Austin. I have a Masters Degree In Educational Psychology from the University of Houston in Houston Texas. These courses can be used in any arena as every profession encounters stress and needs help learning to deal with it.

I recommend the course because I think that it is very helpful In dealing with stress and also in learning more about ourselves. I have a Ph.D. in Esoteric Studies. I work with clients helping them in their own process of self discovery.

Yes, I would definitely recommend this course. People taking this course will learn that making beneficial choices and changing beliefs that cause stress and depression will change their lives. I truly believe that if a person can follow the course and can learn all the lessons in it, stress will be significantly lessened and will no longer cause pain and depression.