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I. The Transformation Series

Stress to Success:  The ABCs of Stress: Awareness | Balance | Choice
Learn and experience innovative techniques to release and transform stress to become a positive force in your life and the life of your clients, patients and/or residents. These “Stress to Success’ modules are easy yet very powerful. Enjoy!

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Transforming Crisis into Opportunity
Every situation in life, both positive and negative, has within it an opportunity to grow, transform and discover more about yourself, others, and the world.  As most people know, when stress is not processed, healed and released, it can lead to crisis.  What many people do not know is that crisis can also emerge from positive life experiences.

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Transforming Trauma, Part I –
begins at the beginning, birth, childhood, adolescence, where both the seeds of trauma and seeds of selfhood are planted.   We offer transformation processes to heal the trauma, to break cycles of abuse, expand the Valued Self and stand on your Platform of Personal Power.

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Transforming Trauma, Part II –
delves deeper into young adult and adult trauma – physical, mental and sexual abuse.  The transformation processes presented in Part II represent a lifetime of work in this important area of personal growth.   You can break the cycle of shame, change core negative beliefs, become your valued self and stand on your Foundation of Love.

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II. Transforming Success: Remembering the Love

Transforming Success with Love
This is the final seminar/course of the three-part series,Transforming Stress to Success.The first two courses areThe ABC’s of Stressfollowed byCrisis into Opportunity. Now we move toTransforming Success with Love and the 7-steps of your New Formula of Success, beginning with Self Love and ending with Love in Action. We take each component, delve deeper so you can step into greater Success with Love!

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III. The Power Series

Power of Story
Everybody has a story!  Each story is unique as is every life, every human on this planet.   Everyday you are living your story.  The Power of Story offers the opportunity to tell and transform your story.  The thread of creativity runs through your story and can lift, swinging high and low, to create yourself becoming More.   The thread is always there and it will always take you to your next greater story – your never-ending story.

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The Power of Dreams

Everybody dreams. Most people dream every night. Dreams are a way to receive messages, often coded, from your Soul and Divine Source. Dreams open the door to the realm of unlimited possibilities, showing you deeper clarity and greater aspects of YOU.  The benefits of The Power of Dreams include the following: *Awaken the Dreamer Within • Learn to direct your night dreams to manifest your desires • Experience healing on the physical, emotional levels • Find new inspiration, new directions • Discover more of your purpose and destiny * Receive messages from Divine Source • Allow your Lucid Dreams to spill over into your Daily Life.

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Dream Mapping | Seven Steps to Greater Success
Dream Mapping is a seven-step system to teach individuals, teams and companies to create, achieve and sustain goals, visions and dreams.  Dream Mapping is a series transformational processes that lead to optimal choices for success and to the fulfillment of living your dreams. 

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Resources Unlimited Partners Seminars, Trainings and CEU Courses
             Virginia Palmer, Ph.D. and Cheryl Rae, BLS, MA

The foundation of all seminars, trainings and CEU courses provided by Resources Unlimited Partners is The Partnership Model.
The Partnership Model:  Personal Power, Mutual Respect, Mutual Support, Co-Creation and Higher Purpose is.  We add the Power of Creativity with art and music to many of our presentations. 

I.  The Transformation Series

  1. Transforming Stress to Success: The ABCs of Stress
  2. Transforming Crisis into Opportunity
  3. Transforming Trauma I into Your Platform of Personal Power
  4.  Transforming Trauma II into Your Foundation of Love

II. Transforming Success: Remembering the Love

III. The Power Series

  1. The Power of Story
  2. The Power of Dreams
  3. Dream Mapping – Seven Steps to Living Your Dream

IV. Transformation Leadership Series 

  1. Partnership with Team – Mission Statements | Inspiration | Motivation – Upon request