Resources Unlimited Partners Seminars, Trainings and CEU Courses
Virginia Palmer, Ph.D. and Cheryl Rae, BLS, MA

The foundation of all seminars, trainings and CEU courses provided by Resources Unlimited Partners is The Partnership Model:  Personal Power, Mutual Respect, Mutual Support, Co-Creation and Higher Purpose is.  We add the Power of Creativity with art and music to many of our presentations. 

I.  Transforming Stress to Success Series

  1. The ABCs of Stress:  Awareness | Balance | Choice – Take this live course!
  2. Making Stress Your Partner:  Healing Trauma | Grief
  3. Transforming Stress to Amazing Success:  Remembering the Love

II. The Transformation Leadership Series 

  1. Partnership with Team – Mission Statements | Inspiration | Motivation
  2. Dream Mapping – Seven Steps to Greater Success
  3. Partnership with Excellence – Living the Qualities of Chivalry

IV.   The Power of Love Series

  1. The Power of Story
  2. The Power of Dreams
  3. The Power of Love