Transforming Trauma Into Personal Power Evaluation Copy

The Contracts Copy

The Contracts: 

  1. Cloning: “I’ll be just like you or opposite of you …but not happier or more successful.”
  2. Approval “I’ll do anything, “how high do you want me to jump” AND I know you’ll always let me down, so I’ll stay mad.”
  3. Abandonment: “I’ll take care of you…just don’t leave me.”
  4. Survival:”Just let me survive – I’ll be what you want me to be.”
  5. Perfection:”I’ll be perfect… so you will love me or I have no choice but to be perfect.”
  6. Surrender:”You can have my life, I’ll be what you never were, or what you want me to be.”
  7. Abuse:”O.K., if I’m so bad, I’ll show you how bad I am.”