Transforming Trauma Into Personal Power Evaluation Copy

Eternal Youth Syndrome Copy

Eternal Youth Syndrome 

A critical dynamic occurring during the time of the Eternal Youth is “the child to adolescent, almost teenager, wanting love/understanding and getting angry” syndrome.  At this point of development, positive and negative experiences of childhood have created a reservoir of complex feelings, defenses, arrogance, pride, changing images of self and the never ending need for love and acceptance.

Underneath and underpinning everything in life is the child’s desire for their parent’s love and approval.  So we form “psychic” contracts with each parent to try to fulfill our need for more love.  These contracts are called psychic because they are pushed into to the unconscious mind until the conscious mind is ready to deal with the awareness of the contents of the “contracts for love at any price”.

An important factor is that theses contracts are “unconsciously” in projection, energetically attracting “someone” to fulfill the terms of the contract.  In relationships, a person will “marry their father/mother” that their particular contract sets forth. We can find your contract (s) to and break them!  The chains that bind you to the past trauma, pain will no longer bind!   You will be free make conscious positive contracts with yourself, to be in your power and to live your true destiny.