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Initiation of Selfhood 

Around the age of two you experience the Initiation of Selfhood, the seeds of your emotions and power.  You begin to feel the full range of all your emotions and realize that they are your own motions, not a reflection of your mother’s feelings and emotions.  You also realize that you are separate person from your mother.  Up to that time you still felt physically part of your mother through a “psychic” umbilical chord.   Then “all of a sudden” you are free to become yourself.  This feeling of independence and awareness of selfhood is both exhilarating and frightening!

The Initiation of Selfhood brings forth the first burst of personal power, you feel invincible and know that all things are possible.  You can feel the sheer force of energy from the full expression of emotions and can see the impact of that expression, both positive and negative.  In our modern world because we have lost the honoring of the Initiation of Selfhood, we label this time in childhood development as “the terrible twos.”