Transforming Trauma Into Personal Power Evaluation Copy

On-Going Transformation Copy

On-Going Transformation 

The processes of healing and changing outlined in this course can be repeated when you feel the need for transformation.  Change happens instantly, however, old patterns can be “re-instated” with unconscious habits.  It is your challenge to remain conscious with yourself.  When you sense an old feeling of shame, pain or despair, please repeat “The Seeds of Initiation” visualization.  Go break another contract – we all have several contracts and some contracts need to be broken more than once!

You can “Recognize, Acknowledge, Forgive Yourself and Change” (RAFC) 

in a moment:  “Ooops – there I go again – STOP –  RACF!

Yes, it is that easy!  Your brain and your consciousness have new information, new memories and you need to keep re-enforcing these TRUTHS of who you rare and who are becoming.  Keep claiming, re-claiming your Personal Power!