Transforming Trauma 2 Evaluation Copy

Smashing Old Image – Building New Image  Copy

1. Choose the old negative self-image you wish to change.
2. Think about the negative parts of your image and write about it in an uninhibited manner.   Put your writing aside for 2-3 hours or overnight.  Later, reduce your writing into a paragraph, then one sentence, then into several key words and finally One Word that reflect this old image.
3. Think about your New Image, the opposite of the old, negative image
4. Visualize the old image in a mirror and see, feel and hear yourself and others confirming this old, negative image.   Now, SMASH the old image by breaking the mirror – repeatedly smashing into tiny bits.  Then visualize another mirror and see your New Image, hear the words describing your new image and feel the power of your new image.
5. Hear the Main Word and the supporting words of your New Image, Breathe in your New Image, Feel It.
6. After you have smashed the old image and replaced it with your New Image, then write freely describing, building and expanding your new image.  Then reduce writing to a few key words that symbolize your new image.
7. Visualize yourself and your life living with your New Image.