Transforming Trauma 2 Evaluation Copy

Root Emotions Copy

After the rescue – there are many powerful emotions to be expressed.

When physical and/or sexual abuse occurs at a young age, the early negative patterns, erroneous beliefs and deep pain are implanted in the subconscious and unconscious minds.  Most of these energies are in perpetual motion until discovered, released, healed,  and transformed.

In order to survive, cover the pain, a root emotion emerges.  These root emotions are:  fear, anger, hurt, despair, loneliness, shame, sorrow, pity and rage.  Everyone has a favorite “go to root emotion.”  Yes, we have, express each of these emotions from time to time.  Emotions are energy in action.  It is important to have a safe outlet for expression of these emotions.   Expressing is releasing.  So, let’s go to your Safe Place, the Rage Cave, and express, express, express!

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