Transforming Trauma 2 Evaluation Copy

Love Copy

Every Human Being is born into life wanting to receive and give love.  Every human has experienced trauma centered upon the lack and loss of this number one desire of each person.  Physical, mental, emotional trauma and pain, in varying degrees, is part of the human experience.

Every baby or child feel they are the Center of the Universe – because they are!  Their world is small and they are the center of their world.  So, when the feelings of abandonment, trauma are felt – the early message to self is: “I am flawed- something is wrong with me”.  This syndrome is true even if there is a death of a parent – it’s not logical, it is a feeling.

The purpose of Transforming Trauma Part I & II is to heal the pods of trauma, discover more of your seeds of Selfhood, change your false beliefs, old definitions of love and provide new platforms of Power and Love. These processes can continue throughout life – ever increasing your personal power and expanding your expressions of love.