Transforming Trauma 2 Evaluation Copy

Introduction Copy

Greetings….  I am honored to present Transforming Trauma into Personal Power, Part II, Healing Deep Trauma, Standing on The Foundation of Love.  I am grateful to you for your vulnerability and trust in taking this important step in healing, transforming deep trauma of physical, mental and sexual abuse.

For many years, I have been dedicated to learning, teaching and transforming myself and others so that we all may heal, transform, recognize and embrace our Personal Power and our Platform of Love.

Transforming Trauma, Part I begins at the beginning, birth, childhood, adolescence, where both the seeds of trauma and seeds of selfhood are planted.   Transforming Trauma, Part II, then delves deeper into adolescence and adult trauma of physical, mental and sexual abuse.

Since you have moved into Transforming Trauma, Part II, I encourage you (and your clients) repeat sections of Transforming Trauma, Part I, especially the visualizations, as often as you feel needed.  In fact, I am repeating the beginning of Part I now at the beginning of Part II.

The transformation processes presented here represent a lifetime of work and experience in this basic, important area of personal growth and personal power.  You can experience profound healing and transformation that needs to be given “Tender Loving Care” as you move towards increased Personal Power and stand upon Your Platform of Love.