Transforming Trauma 2 Evaluation Copy

Foundation of Love Copy

You have your New Image, changed negative core beliefs, broken the cycle of shame/cycle of fear, expressed your emotions and stopped the abuser!  You can repeat all these processes as often as needed.    


Let’s change your early definition of love that was based upon the abuse.  

What is yours?  Here are some examples of the false, abuse-based definitions of love along the truth-based definitions of love.

Please write out these definitions of love and add your own old and new definitions of Love.

Love is pain                                 Love is kind

Love is blame                              Love is compassion

Love is mean                                Love is gentle

Love is sexual abuse                   Love is heart-centered sexual relations

Love is betrayal                           Love is loyal

Love is humiliating                    Love is understanding

Love is loss                                   Love is forever

Love is out of reach                     Love is always increasing

I am not lovable                           I am lovable

Please keep adding to this list of your new, continual definitions of Love!  

Self-Love, Love, Being Loved, Giving Love –  no matter what it is that we are doing, the bottom line is that we always seek love. Two sides of the same coin, loving self and loving others is the ultimate goal of life. 


Now you are ready to stand upon your Foundation of Love!