Transforming Trauma 2 Evaluation Copy

Cycles of Shame Copy

Deep Trauma can begin in infancy if there is abuse – verbal, physical and/or sexual abuse.  The feelings of fear, pain, loss and shame are felt, then immediately pushed into the unconscious mind, so that the infant or child can survive physically as well as emotionally.

The Cycle of Shame begins…. 

The feeling that “I am flawed – it is my fault” is the shame, in varying degrees in the continuum.  At the age of two when you realize you are separate from your mother, you start feeling shame from the separation – something is wrong with me.  The Cycle of Shame continues throughout life and certainly increases with each and every situation of abuse.

By the time of young adulthood and adulthood, the cycle is so embedded that you continue to stay in this vicious cycle.  By the same token, “shameful experiences” can continue such as in the “abused spouse syndrome”.  Or there can be just one very traumatic experience such as rape that can fortify the cycle as being true.