The Power of Story Evaluation Copy

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The Power of Story

Everybody has a story!  Each story is unique as is every life, every human on this planet.   Everyday you are living your story.  The Power of Story offers the opportunity to tell and transform your story.   Telling your story offers a feeling of empowerment.   It facilitates reflection, and examination of your experiences as a way of better understanding your story and your life’s journey.

It is important to gather the information from your past, “growing up story” with the intention of healing and transforming trauma that is often experienced in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.  Look for the thread of the “silver lining” that is usually lost in the chaos of crisis, large or small.  Throughout your life there has been the threads of the your Greater Story.

The thread of creativity runs through your story and can lift, swinging high and low to create yourself becoming More.   The thread is always there and will take you to a “higher vision” and appreciation of yourself and of your story.   In sharing your story, your innermost feelings will help to create a sense of harmony and peace of mind. Be inspired to share the story only you can tell.

The Power of telling your story is a vehicle to motivate, inspire and empower to deepen the awareness of your successful and fulfilling life.   Your story needs to be told, recognized, acknowledged and transformed into greater understanding and compassion for yourself, others and for the world.